Solutions For The Hearing Impaired

WebCast2You offers state-of-the-art communication solutions to the hearing impaired communities. Those seeking to connect with family, friends, or school mates may do so with ease. With the WebCast2You multi cam functions and quality streaming features, unlike phone or texting, each viewer is able see the facial expressions of the caller as well texting feature is still available. Other feaures available are picture, document, or PDF sharing. During training, the hearing impaired are more easily able follow along. WebCast2You is a wonderful tool reconnecting the deaf community with those inside and outside the deaf community. Call the WebCast2You sales department at: (413) 569-8811 or email sales at:

With state of the art webstreaming, WebCast2You offers more solutions to the needs of the hearing impaired than any other web-streaming company. Unlike other companies, WebCast2You custom builds its platforms to meet the needs of the hearing impaired community.

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